Any search for Pir Sultan necessarily leads to the village of Banaz and the view from the hill above the village towards “Star Mountain”. Literally breathtaking in the cooling breeze from the Sivas highlands on a mid-Summer day. The picture on the header was taken at the Pir Sultan Abdal festival in June 2002.

The full picture includes the ‘meydan’ in the foreground. Not sure if the Banazlı actually conduct cem-s here as there is a cemevi on the other side of the hill at Topuzlu Baba. Was privilaged to attend a cem (late into the night) lead by Dertli Divani during my second visit to the PSA festival in Banaz in 2007.

Yıldız Dagı from Ziyaret Tepe, Banaz

Yıldız Dagı from Ziyaret Tepe, Banaz